A 16-year-old beautiful girl with arguably the biggest breasts in China has undergone a surgery to reduce her abnormal large breasts in a Hainan hospital on Wednesday.

Dr. Li Baokai, chief surgeon of the Hainan Modern Woman & Infants Hospital, said that doctors were astonished by Xiao Wei’s breast size when she came to the hospital last month for a check-up. Her breasts were over 8kg and sagged to her bellybutton.



The 8-kilogram breasts have made the thin girl exhausted.


Doctors at Hainan Modern Woman & Infants Hospital on Aug. 4 performed a successful breast reduction surgery on a 16-year-old Xiao Wei.


After seven-hour surgery, doctors cut off 1.2kg from her left breast and 1.25kg from the right breast. According to Dr. Li Baokai, Xiao Wei can get the stitches out of her breasts after ten days and the disease will not recur in the future.

Xiaowei said she remarked her breasts began developing strongly in July 2009. However, the shy girl kept it secret until September 2009 when her elder sister found that Xiaowei's breasts sagged to her bellybutton.


Xiaowei's breasts sagged to her bellybutton before the surgery


Her father said that the poor family was very worried about her unusual physical development and had been to many hospitals in Hainan province, where the doctors claimed they could not be of help.

Xiao Wei was diagnosed as macromastia by the experts of Hainan Modern Woman & Infants Hospital on July 29. Considering her family's economic condition, the hospital decided to give Xiaowei free treatment.


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