The 4th Hainan Bird Watching Festival will be held on December 23rd and 24th at the Dongzhai Harbor Mangrove Reserve in Haikou.
Dongzhai Harbor Mangrove Reserve is also called “bird heaven” in Haikou. About 200 species of birds inhabit the reserve, including many rare migratory birds.
Several themed events will be held during the festival, including a bird-watching competition, a Hainan birds photography exhibition, a creative bazaar, a live wall painting event, and a public bird watching-themed forum.
According to the Hainan Bird Watching Association, the bird-watching competition will be divided into professional and amateur groups. Birdwatchers can use high-powered telescopes to observe migratory birds flying in the sky, looking for food, or resting in the reeds.

Dongzhai Harbor Mangrove Reserve is a precious base of biodiversity, as well as a permanent biological gene bank. Statistics show that around 194 kinds of wild birds and 103 kinds of fish have been recorded in these fertile wetlands.
Launched in 2013, the Hainan bird watching competition has become an annual event that aims to promote the conservation and ecological protection of the rich bird life in the area.