Kalsang Flower
Gomphrena globosa
A one-month-long Haitang Bay Flower Festival will open to tourists and residents for free from January 28th, 2014, providing a good place for a lovely day out during the Spring Festival holiday.
Located at the agricultural development zone in Luogen Tianyang of Haitang Town, the Haitang Bay flower garden is known as one of the key projects of Hainan province.
Visitors have the chance to see the exhibit of over 1,000-acres of garden beds of all different colors during the day, featuring a variety of species, namely, hemerocallis, marigold, gomphrena globosa, lavender, and roselle, as well as other aromatic plants.
Event organizers said all the flowers will be in full bloom in celebration of the coming of springtime. From perfect coreopsis to dazzling lavender, there is much to see for the visitors.
The gardening team is now paving the walking paths around the garden beds to ensure the infrastructure is ready for the throngs of visitors.