To effectively push the construction of Hainan International Tourism Destination, public security organs in Hainan province has greatly strengthened the management of foreigners since last year.
According to the Department of Public Security of Hainan Province that Hainan province has set 501 professional foreign affairs policemen and 6,733 foreign affairs coordinators.
Public security organs in Hainan province practically strengthens the construction of foreign affairs team, builds and completes the foreign affairs management team with the main part of public security policeman, community coordinators and travel office staff, hotel service personnel, sets 501 professional foreign affairs policemen in total in the public security organs in Hainan province and determines 125 key local police stations of foreign affairs management and sets 6,733 foreign affairs coordinators among people in village (neighborhood) committees, Foreign-related units and hotel service personnel, forming the grand foreign affairs management layout of many policing System collaboration and broad participation of social forces.
Last year, Hainan province held four times of foreign affairs management professional training classes and 13 times of city and county-level courses to make the professional training on information system application and resident foreigners’ management for cross-border management policeman in public security organs and foreign affairs policeman in Hainan province. It effectively improved the quality and level of foreign affairs management team in Hainan province.
Since 2010, public security organs in Hainan province have implemented one-ticket veto system in terms of foreigners’ management. County-level public security organs cancelled the qualification for evaluating the excellent public security bureaus to that single evaluation result which can not reach the standard of excellence in foreigners’ management during the work of annual comprehensive evaluation while looking into the responsibility of responsible policeman and leader; during the level evaluation work of local police stations, the level should be declined by one level directly for  foreigners’ management work can not reach the standard for eight times in a whole year.
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