Flowers Exchanging Festival, also called Huanhua Festival is going to be held from Jan.12 to Feb.6, 2012 at Fucheng Town, Qiongshan District of Haikou.


To celebrate this traditional festival as well as welcome the Lantern Festival, main thematic cultural activities during the festive period are as following:


1. The opening ceremony of Flowers Exchanging Festival

Date: 11:00 am on January 12th

Venue: Haihang Cultural Sport Square, Guoxing Avenue


2. Lantern shows

Date: Jan 20th to Feb.6th

Venue: Sanjiao Park, Ma’an Street, Gaundi Lane of Fucheng Town


3. Calligraphy & paintings exhibition

Date: Jan 31st to Feb.6th

Venue: Sanjiao Park of Fucheng Town


4. Flower Exchanging Festival

Date: on the evening of February 6th

Venue: Jianguo Rd, Zhongshan Rd, Zhuyun Rd, Hong Cheng Hu Rd and Huanhu Rd