To celebrate Easter Day, a series of Easter outdoor activities for kids will be held at Yalong Bay Mangrove Tree Resort this Sunday on 24th April, 2011.
Themed as “Easter eggs, Bunny toys, Magic Easter tales”, the activities will include:
1. Sand Art Painting 09:30-10:30am
2. Easter Eggs Painting 10:30-11:30am
3. Gifts Sending by Bunnies 11:30-12:00am
4. Lunch Time for Break 12:00-14:00am
5. Easter Egg Hunt 14:00-15:00pm
6. Kite Flying 15:00-16:00pm
7. Magic Easter Tales 16:00-17:00pm
8. Shell Bracelet Making 17:00-18:00pm
Activity Rates:
Only One Activity: RMB58/Kid
Half Day Activity: RMB100/Kid
Whole Day Activity: RMB150/Kid
Venue: West Lawn(Close to Pool)