The Sixth Orchid Exhibition of China will be held at Xinglong Tropical Garden in Wanning in 2019.
This is the first the state-level orchid exhibition in Wanning, whose theme this year is “Encounters with Orchids in Colorful Wanning."
The Orchid Exhibition of China is held biennially. The event consistently draws top-level orchid growers and researchers, who work together to promote the development of China’s orchid industry and strengthen academic communication between China and international agencies.
Hainan is one of the main orchid growing areas in China. With its advantageous low elevation and abundant rainfalls, Wanning has excellent natural conditions for orchid growth, meaning that the orchid market has great potential in the region. At Xinglong Tropical Garden, there is an orchid plantation covering nearly 200 acres where more than 80 species of orchids grow. 
The Xinglong Tropical Garden is a vast farmland created with investment by overseas Chinese Mr. Zheng Wentai (郑文泰) in 1992.
The tropical garden is home to more than 4,000 kinds of exotic plants (including 65 rare species of plants) that flourish throughout the season. The garden possesses numerous plants under state- and provincial-level protection, as well as a variety of orchid species from Taiwan that it has planted since 2014, including some rare ones. 
As a tropical rainforest ecological environmental reserve in Wanning, Xinglong Tropical Garden is perfect for eco-tourists, botanists, and romantics alike, as there are plenty of flower-related activities to indulge in!
The Xinglong Tropical Garden covers an area of 3.86 square kilometers. There are six touring areas in the garden, including a tropical plant sightseeing area, a tropical rainforest sightseeing area, a creature feeding area, a reproduced tropical rain forest area (celebrity planting area), a gardening sightseeing area, and a camping area.
Xinglong Tropical Garden
Telephone: +86-898-62571666
Add: Southeast of Wanning City, Hainan Xinglong Hot Spring Resort territory 海南省东南部的万宁市兴隆温泉度假区境内
How to get there:
Tourists can take bullet trains from Sanya/Haikou High-speed Railway Station (三亚/海口动车站) to Shenzhou High-speed Railway Station (神州动车站) first; then take Bus Route 6 from Shenzhou High-speed Railway Station to Xing Long Gong Hui (兴隆工会); and then tourists can easily transfer Bus Route 4 or 7 to Xinglong Tropical Garden (兴隆热带花园)