The first Hainan Bougainvillea Flower Show is scheduled to be held in Haikou from February 1st to April 15th, 2016.
The exhibition’s opening ceremony will be held at Haikou Century Park on February 1st, 2016. A seven-story “Blessing Tower” decorated with various species of chrysanthemum flowers will be on display at the Park.
Three main display areas will be set up for the exhibition, including Haikou Evergreen Park, Haikou Century Park and Binhai Park.
 greenbelt at Bingai Boulevard
Nearly 100,000 pots of bougainvillea flowers will be on display across the city during the two and a half months.
Additionally, a series of bougainvillea-themed activities, including forum and lectures on bougainvillea plantation and floral arts, a flower exchange festival, and a bougainvillea photo exhibition and auction will also be held.
Bougainvillea is the provincial flower of Hainan and also Haikou’s city flower. Currently, 14,000 pots of bougainvillea flowers featuring 58 varieties are placed along the city’s major streets and at bus stations, ports, and the airport. The flowers of the bougainvillea bloom in a brilliant array of colors including red, pink, purple, orange, white—even multicolor—brightening the environment wherever they grow.
Date: February 1st to April 15th, 2016
Opening ceremony: Haikou Century Park 海口世纪公园
Main display venues: Evergreen Park, Haikou Century Park and Binhai Park 海口万绿园,世纪公园和滨海公园