Sanya is going to attend the 33rd World Horticultural Exposition, which is to be held in Qingdao on 25th April. Sanya is the only tropical coastal city which plans to participate in the expo. 
The Sanya Botanical Pavilion is 1,523 square meters in size and is divided into 3 display areas – Culture-enriched Sanya, Romantic Sanya and Charming Sanya.
To better showcase Sanya’s regional character to visitors, about 300m3 of the city’s beach sand and some volcanic rocks from Haikou have been transported to Qingdao for the exhibition design. Some of Hainan's tropical landscaping symbols like coconut palms, bougainvilleas and dracaena angustifolias will also be on display.
The Sanya botanical pavilion will remain a permanent fixture there after the closing of the expo.
The expo will be held between April 25 and October 25, 2014. According to the expo's official website, the fair will cover an area of nearly five million square meters, involve nearly 100 participating countries and bring in up to 400 million U.S. dollars.