The first Hainan Eaglewood Exhibition kicked off at the Sanya Folk Museum on January 24th 2014 and will last until February 14th, 2014 (Lantern Festival, the last day of the Chinese New Year celebration).
Dozens of Hainan eaglewood specimens and more than 100 various natural eaglewood products are on show at the exhibition. 90% of the eaglewood exhibits on display were collected from Sanya, Ledong, Wuzhishan, Jianfengling and Banwangling.
It takes tens to hundreds of years for eaglewood to be formed. In addition, in natural environments only a small percentage of eaglewood trees produce eaglewood. Hence, eaglewood is rare and precious. Each piece of eaglewood has its own unique fragrance and shape.
The tropical island of Hainan has been producing eaglewood and eaglewood products for over 1,500 years.
The opening ceremony of the Sanya Eaglewood Association was held on January 24th, 2014.