This exhibition will be held at Mayard International Yacht Club, Haikou. Located in Mayard Bay, the only city marina bay of the capital city of Hainan province, Mayard International Yacht Club enjoys the vast expanse of land, overlooks the width of the blue sea, basks in the prosperity and tranquility of the city and is entitled to the spectacular natural resources and geographical prestige. Co-designed by top designers from Spain, France, Singapore and the U.S., the jetty occupies 12,8000 square meters of area, with 300 yacht berths in the works and infrastructures such as member hotels, fivestar hotels and bay clubs. The Asia International Boat Show will generate famous brands of China and the world, 2000 honourable VIPs to the exhibition in Haikou to provide a high-quality and multi-aspect on-water feast. All the signs are to illustrate that Hainan is now equipped with the excellent hardware to stage this Asia International Boat Show.