As tourism in Hainan province is one of a collection of leisure, entertainment and sightseeing destination. Sea area of Hainan Province, about 200 million square kilometers, the island into the sea alone a total of 154 rivers, surrounded by the sea, unique natural conditions, rich in fishing resources. January 4, 2010, the State Council issued "Guidelines for Promoting International Tourism in Hainan Island, construction and development of a number of opinions" is also clear that to develop marine tourism; Provincial Committee of the Association also proposed to create "brand fishing fist Le Tour" the development of fishing industry means that the best time has come. Sport fishing as a new tourism projects, will be the fist brand of marine tourism in Hainan. Fishing as a leisure activity a long time, fans that bring pleasure fishing for other recreational activities can not replace. Now fishing as a leisure fashion, more and more loved by the vast numbers of people. Fishing enthusiasts will continue to improve as the level to update their own fishing tackle supplies, and more and more fans with good economic conditions have been satisfied in the land of rivers and lakes for fishing in their sights a more open sea. 

China fishing tackle industry has 20 years of development, is the world’s largest fishing tackle manufacturing and export countries. With the world economic integration process, the global processing of fortune was a significant area of migration characteristics, more and more of the world’s fishing tackle supplies wholesalers and retailers on their procurement in China. Calculated to Customs statistics, China’s total exports each year to tackle more than 10% annual growth rate of China’s fishing tackle industry is changing from the world’s factory for the production of high quality fishing tackle production base. 

Organizing Committee will work with government agencies, trade associations, business leaders, fishing industry celebrities, invited from Europe, the United States, Britain, Australia, France, Italy, Japan, Korea, Germany, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, China and Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan areas such as domestic and foreign colleagues set up an international exchange platform to promote the development of China’s fishing industry! Fishing for global development perspective, strategic advice; the promotion of world fishing industry exchanges and cooperation! Welcome provinces Fishing Association, fishing tackle manufacturers, fishing clubs, fishing tackle dealers, fishing enthusiasts to participate in the exhibition.

Fishing Equipment: Fishing boats, rubber boats, yachts, fishing clubs, fishing clothing, fishing glasses, fishing bags, tents, bed fishing, fishing tools, sun umbrella, fishing chair, night fishing lighting, video products, fishing and hunting calendar, fishing books, audio and video products and related products. 
Fishing supplies: hook, fishing line, fishing net, fishing rod, fishing bag, fishing with spools, fishing reels, floats and accessories, bait, fish basket, bite indicator, bite sensors, dip net, fishing stand, fish detectors, a fish machine, lead sheet base, tool box, space beans, professional drift box, Shi hanging, sealing devices, stool, etc..
2011 China (Hainan) International Fishing Equipment Supplies Exhibition
Time: 23rd – 27th, February 2010
Venues: Haikou Convention & Exhibition Center
Tel :0898-31596939
CCPIT Hainan Province, Haikou City, Trade Promotion, Hainan Province Fishing Association, the Hainan Provincial Culture Association, Haikou, Butterworths Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Haikou Butterworths Exhibition Co., Ltd.
China International Trade Promotion, Professional Committee of China’s fishing tackle, the European Fishing Tackle Trade Association, Sanya fishing Union, Taiwan Fishing Association
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