In order to promote local food culture and tourism in the Qionghai area, the First Qionghai Hot-spring Goose Cultural Festival will be held in mid- to late-September this year.
Hot-spring goose is a signature dish in Qionghai. According to the director of the Qionghai Tourism Commission, the festival is part of the monthly “Qionghai Taste” event, which aims to promote local development by combining cultural tourism and rural cuisine, as well as to create a stronger brand image for famous local dishes.
A series of related activities will be featured during the festival including a cooking contest, a goose fight, a photography contest, and a hot-spring goose auction.
Hot-spring goose, also called wenquan goose, is a hybrid kept by farmers living adjacent to the Wanquan River. When the geese are small, farmers release them into the wild to hunt down their own food, mostly chiefly grass seeds. Later, farmers force-feed the geese with a special diet to make them put on weight.
Hot-spring goose is nutritious, fatty but not greasy, delicate, aromatic and delicious. Goose blood has a high concentration of protein and contains more than 10 rare elements such as iron, copper and calcium.
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