Venue: Haikou International Convention and Exhibition Center
Date: 25th – 27th March, 2011
Sponsored by: China International Trade Promotion Committee of Hainan Branch
Tel: +86-898-36398631  36398632  36395127 66252360   
1. Scope of Exhibits, with a menu display area kitchen equipment and appliances: kitchen stove, kitchen knives, Chinese and Western kitchen equipment, refrigeration equipment, bakery equipment, refrigeration cabinets, fresh cabinet, food machine, dishwasher, ice maker, beer machine, banquet meal oven, stainless steel appliances, water heater, induction cooker, environmental protection equipment, ice cream machine, sterilization, disinfection cabinets.
2. Luxury handicrafts and elegant works of art display area: pottery, wooden crafts, preparing crafts, glass crafts, crystal crafts, sculpture antique crafts, mahjong machine, advanced accessories, gifts, brocade, embroidery, calligraphy and painting works of art.
3. High-end dining table, cutlery products display area: antique dining table, cooker table, electric table, ceramic tableware, glass tableware, melamine tableware, stainless steel cutlery, bamboo cutlery, cooking utensils, alcohol stove, glassware glass turntable, gold and silver device, food model.
4. Hotel, office furniture and equipment display area: hotel suite furniture, hotel furniture, restaurant, hotel private dining room furniture, hotel sofa, hotel mattress, decorative antique furniture, banquet furniture, leisure furniture, outdoor furniture, features mahogany, Long wooden furniture, high-grade office furniture.
5. Textile, fabric, clothing display areas: hotel linen, bedding, bathroom supplies, hotel uniforms, down products, blankets, carpets, bedding series, laundry bag, hotel curtains, sunshade, electric curtain.
6. Ceramic, bathroom, clean, energy-saving equipment, supplies display area: the whole bathroom, hotel decorative ceramics, toilet, washing machine, polishing machine, wiping machine, aerial work platforms, vacuum cleaners, garbage cans, floor mats, window cleaning machine , cleaning agents, detergents, hand lotion, dry skin device, air cleaner, laundry equipment and supplies, commercial central water heater, commercial central air conditioning units, commercial heat pump water heaters, fuel gas hot water equipment, electric hot water equipment, solar energy central hot water system, hotel water conservation equipment, refrigeration units, storage air conditioning unit, central air conditioning energy saving system, hotel electric energy-saving products, energy saving electric light source, lights.
7. Hall, display area Room Amenities: Room refrigerator, mini bar, a one-time items, safe, room lighting, the hotel TV, room telephone, bathroom cabinets, bathroom facilities, shower, hair dryer, dining car, ice bucket, a lecture / consultative customer Taiwan, room lighting, electric kettle, room service cart thing, umbrella stands, lobby signage, etc., hotel decorative art, hotel art of accessories, home decorations, relief paintings, landscape sculpture.
8. Red wine, coffee, food, tea, tea set display area: coffee machine, coffee raw materials, coffee equipment, coffee equipment, coffee beans, coffee, food, high tea, tea, milk tea, high-level wine, red wine, white wine, beer , condiments, baked goods, snack food, health food.
9. Brand hotels, intelligent display area: show the international five-star hotel, IC card lock, hotel management software, POS terminal display system, VOD, hotel conference, entertainment control system, sensing products, bedside control system, touch screen. Hotel decorative art, hotel art of accessories, home decorations, relief paintings, landscape sculpture.
10. The external field: (outdoor tents)
Gardening, landscaping and equipment display area: gardening machinery, outdoor furniture, garden equipment, leisure furniture, spray pool equipment, fence wire, garden sculptures, garden furniture, ornaments, spray pool equipment, bathing equipment, stone, fence, wire mesh , iron, flower seeds, dried flowers, artificial flowers, cut flowers, bonsai, pots, medium, cultivated soil, greenhouse technology and products, lawn / garden lighting.
11. Travel and hotel leisure products display area: Golf technology and equipment, golf equipment, fashion, consumer goods, tourism, household goods, outdoor supplies.


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