In order to advance development in the health care sector and to provide better heath care services for international patients, the Third People’s Hospital of Hainan Province signed a framework cooperation agreement with the Hospital Henri Mondor on May 7th, 2018 in Sanya.

Founded in 1969, the Hospital Henri Mondor of University Paris-Est Créteil is one of the 12 Paris Public Hospitals. The hospital is a multidisciplinary clinic that covers most medical and surgical disciplines. The clinic is also a major emergency care center in the region. In 2011, Hospital Henri Mondor was ranked the third best hospital in France.

According to the agreement, the two hospitals will undertake cooperative exchange programs in the areas of hospital management, human resources, medical technology, medical services, personnel training, scientific research, and teaching.

Mrs. Martine Orio, President of the Hospital Henri Mondor, said that the hospital will help Nongken Sanya Hospital to implement scientific management.