Sanya airport has implemented a new air schedule for the winter and spring seasons. The new schedule will take effect starting October 29th, 2017, according to the Sanya Airport management office.

Under the new plan, the Sanya airport will handle 53,634 scheduled flights and transport about 8 million passengers over the winter/spring period.

The number of weekly aircraft movements will average 2,554, a 3.4 percent increase year-on-year. The airport’s runway system capacity will be 365 movements (take-offs and landings) per day.

With the start of the new winter-spring flights schedule, the Sanya airport is expanding its air network to meet demand. The airport will add more international and regional flights to destinations such as Kaohsiung in Taiwan, Chimkent in Kazakhstan, Pattaya in Thailand, Delhi in India, and Ukraine in Russia.

During the new season, there will be a total of 41 airlines operating in Sanya, including 27 domestic airlines and 14 international and regional airlines. These airlines will create more convenient travel options for passengers, offering a total of 121 air routes (95 domestic air routes and 26 international and regional air routes) to 83 destinations.