Sanya has been listed among the first group of 13 “model work units” to be announced nationwide for the promotion of healthcare tourism.

The 1st batch of  13 “model work units” for healthcare tourism include:

– Tianjin Healthcare Industry Park 天津健康产业园

– Beidaihe, Qinhuangdao City (Hebei Province) 河北秦皇岛市北戴河

– Shanghai New Hongqiao International Medical Center 上海新虹桥国际医学中心

– Jiangyan District, Taizhou City (Jiangsu Province) 江苏泰州市姜堰区

– Zhoushan Islets New District (Zhejiang Province) 浙江舟山群岛新区

– Mt. Jiuhuashan, Chizhou City (Anhui Province) 安徽池州市九华山

– Pingtan Comprehensive Pilot Zone (Fujiang Province) 福建平潭综合实验区

– Nansha District, Guangzhou City (Guangdong Province) 广东广州南沙新区

– Laoshan Bay International Ecological Healthcare Center, Qingdao City (Shandong Province) 山东青岛崂山湾国际生态健康城

– Guilin City (Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region) 广西桂林市

– Sanya City (Hainan Province) 海南三亚市

– Bo’ao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone (Hainan Province) 海南博鳌乐城国际医疗旅游先行区

– Taohuajiang, Zunyi City (Guizhou Province) 贵州遵义市桃花江

Sanya will work to promote its environmental and natural resource advantages in an effort to transform the city into a healthcare tourism destination.

Sanya will create innovative healthcare products to meet consumer demands, and speed up infrastructure construction to attract more high-end medical healthcare projects.

In addition, traditional Chinese medicine will be developed as a medical tourism product and will deliver a boost to the high-end medical tourism industry.

Sanya has gained worldwide fame for its TCM services. Every year, thousands of tourists visiting Sanya receive TCM treatment, particularly those from Russian-speaking countries where the climate is comparably frigid.

Sanya has many natural resources essential to the development of medical tourism, including mineral hot springs and lush forests with high-oxygen-content air. Some of the city’s natural resources are also used for some traditional Chinese medicines.