According to the Sanya Tourism Development Commission, the local government is building a comprehensive system to monitor its tourism internationalization.


The monitoring system, which is the first of its kind for Sanya, will evaluate the internationalization of its tourism industry from a strategic perspective and provide references for Sanya’s future development.


The monitoring system will be composed of 7 first-level indicators and 23 second-level indicators. It will appraise the development of the internationalization of Sanya’s tourism sector according to seven factors, including price competitiveness, transport competitiveness, public services competitiveness, tourism attractiveness, international reputation as a tourist destination, tourist satisfaction, and destination marketing competitiveness.


The monitoring system will be composed of 7 first level indicators and 23 second level indicators:


1. Price Competitiveness

– Average room rates of accommodations at similar establishments over the same period

– Average airfare of the same distance routes in the same period

– Consumer Price Index

– Entrance fees at major scenic spots


2. Transport Competitiveness

– Number of international flights

– Number of international cruise ship arrivals


3. Public Service Competitiveness

– Convenience in foreign currency exchange

– Convenience in visa application

– Availability of multinational languages

– Convenience of public transport

– Public Wi-Fi coverage


4. Tourism Attractiveness

– Coastline length

– Availability of public beaches

– World heritage sites

– Availability of museums on offer

– Availability of cultural halls on offer

– International MICEs, cultural, and sporting events

– International tourist arrivals

– Local cultural influence

– GDP per capita

– Service industry ratio as a part of GDP


5. Destination marketing competitiveness

– Availability of destination marketing branch office set-up in overseas markets

– Availability of professional destination marketing organizations

6. International reputation as a tourist destination


7. Tourist satisfaction


Under the system, Sanya will compare its performance with other 11 international well-known tropical coastal tourist destination regions around the world including Hawaii, Miami, Phuket, Maldives, Bali, Cancun, Mallorca, Nha Trang, Guam, Langkawi, and the Gold Coast.


Fan Mu, Director of the Sanya Tourism Development Commission, said that the system will provide a comprehensive picture of Sanya’s tourism internationalization. He expected that the system would serve an important role in the decision-making process of local tourism authorities and offer investors with informative database support.


Construction on the monitoring system is expected to be completed within two months. Upon its completion, the government will release a report on the city’s tourism internationalization on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis by using the collected data and detailed information.