The Sanya Phoenix International Airport has implemented a new flight schedule for the summer and autumn seasons, which started from March 26th and will last until October 28th, 2017.


The new schedule will trigger carriers to add more flights to Sanya. The number of flights at the airport is expected to reach 69,800, and passenger throughput is expected to reach 9.517 million during the new schedule period.






A total of 40 airlines will operate flights to Sanya during the 217-day summer-autumn season, including 27 domestic airlines and 13 international and regional airlines.


A total of 129 air routes will be run during the season, including 112 domestic air routes and 17 international and regional air routes, reaching 86 cities, including 68 Chinese cities and 18 overseas destinations.






During the new season, Fuzhou Airlines will offer newly added flights to Sanya including Sanya-Xiangyang-Harbin and Sanya-Taizhou-Harbin. China Eastern Airlines will launch direct flights from Wuxi to Sanya. Air Chang’an will increase flights on the Sanya-Xi’an air route, and Tibet Airlines will increase flights on the Sanya-Chengdu air route.


At the same time, the Sanya Phoenix International Airport will add 10 more international and regional air routes during the new summer-autumn season. Seven international airlines including Jetstar Asia, Jeju Air, Air Busan, SCAT Airlines, AZUR Air, UT Airlines, and I-FLY Airlines will operate international flights from Southeast Asia, Korea, Japan, Russia, and Central Asia to Sanya.


In 2017, passenger throughput at the Sanya Phoenix International Airport is expected to exceed 18 million, according to the airport authority.