Past track and forecast track of Typhoon Sarika 


Sanya is gearing up to guard against Typhoon Sarika, which is expected to make landfall between cities of Wenchang and Lingshui around noon on October 18th.


Sarika, the 21st typhoon of this year, is projected to be the most powerful and destructive to land in Hainan in a decade. 


At 9:00 a.m., the eye of the typhoon was monitored at 17.3 degrees north latitude and 114.6 degrees east longitude, some 475 kilometers to the coast of southeast of Wanning City. Sarika is moving to the west at 20km/h, the typhoon is expected to intensify into a super-typhoon upon landing.


Early this morning, Sanya Tourism Development Commission has issued the highest severe typhoon alert (Level I Emergency Alert) over torrential rains and strong winds that forecast to be brought by the Sarika.


The Sanya authorities have also ordered safety checks of reservoirs, power and water supplies, while demanding the fishery and farming sectors take precautions.


Classes in Sanya’s kindergartens, middle and primary schools will be suspended from Monday to Wednesday.


High-speed trains connecting cities in Hainan will be suspended starting late Monday. The local fishery department has called on all fishing boats back to moor at ports.


Scenic spots across the city have been closed as of 3:00 p.m. All the people on the beaches around Sanya and to the north east of Sanya have all been evacuated.


In the next two days, residents and tourists are advised to stay indoor and not to swim in the ocean, ending midnight of Wednesday, the 19th of Oct.


Residents and tourists are advised to prepare candles, store food and water just to be ready for blackout and water disruption!


For any emergency, please contact:


Mr Pang Yonda (Sanya Tourism Development Commission): 13976282928 or 13307589933

Sanya Tourism Service Hotline: 12301

City Emergency Service Hotline: 0898-88985808

Official on Duty: 0898-88272439