On December 10th the First Sanya Cultural Industry Fair kicked off at the Mangrove Tree Convention Center.
The exhibition, which features 600 standard booths, attracts an equal number of locals and travellers, creating a cultural feast for the whole city of Sanya.
Nine themed exhibition zones are open to the public during the expo:
– Greater Sanya
– One Belt and One Road
– Creative Animation
– Movie and Television Intelligence
– Intangible Cultural Heritage and Local Culture
– Tourism Culture
– Marine Culture
– Sports and Leisure Culture
– Jingdezhen Ceramic Art
Two mascots for the 1st Sanya Culture Industry Expo are on display at the expo, named “Oh Hi” and “Oh Yeah,” representing the themes of “Coastal Sanya” and “Green Sanya” respectively.
The Sanya Cultural Industry Fair is a citywide celebration, with the main venue set up at the Sanya Mangrove Tree Convention Center and another thirteen sub-venues at:
– Sanya Songcheng Resort
– Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park
– Sanya Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone
– Sanya Hailo Creative Culture Park
– Nanshan Dongtian Park
– Sanya Luhuitou Scenic Spot
– Hainan Animation Industry Base
– Tianya Haijiao Scenic Spot
– Sanya Orchid World Cultural Tourism Zone
– Sanya Yalong Bay International Rose Valley
– Sanya Water Park
– Ziyue Kangnian Hotel
– Junda Trick-Cycling Performance Hall
The fair runs from Thursday 10th of December to Sunday 13th and includes a series of themed forums such as Hainan intangible cultural heritage exhibitions, Cosplay events and product experience events.
Sanya Government to Boost Cultural Industry
Under the guidance of the Sanya’s government, the city is striving to develop its culture industry even further.
To help realize the new goal, the local government introduced 48 large-scale cultural projects so far. These projects cover themed studios, cultural creativity conferences and exhibitions, entertainment performances, animation and leisure rehabilitation.