Sanya Phoenix Island International Cruise Terminal
The 2015 Hainan Cruise & Yacht Industry Development Summit will be held at Sanya Phoenix Island International Cruise Terminal from October 15 to 17.
This year, the theme of the summit is New Opportunity, New Development in the Cruise and Yacht Industry. The summit will feature several events including an investment promotion conference, a cruise and yacht forum, and a yacht exhibition.
More than 350 people including government officials, representatives of the world’s top 10 cruise companies and yacht enterprises, and officials of cruise and yacht industry associations from across the globe are to attend the 2015 Summit in Sanya.
The participants will discuss the prospects for global cruise economic development, as well as ways to expand cruise lines and the tourist market. Also on the agenda will be discussions about how to build a communication platform for the development of the cruise industry in general, and specifically the cruise home port of Sanya.