The 2015 Sanya Dan Cultural Festival will be held at the end of October. The festival’s purpose is to promote the unique culture of the Dan People.
To help more people get to know the Dan people’s unique culture, this year the event will have 5 main themed events, namely: Dan Cultural Photography Exhibition, Xianshui Folk Song Competition, Fishing Net Weaving Competition, Beach & Food Carnival, Dan Cultural Exhibition Hall Opening Celebration, and Dan Cultural Evening Gala Show & Closing Ceremony.
The majority of Dan people are fishermen. While not officially recognized as a minority people, they nonetheless have a very distinct and interesting culture.
In the past, many Dan lived their whole lives on boats and houseboats, making their living by fishing. Nowadays, most of their communities are perched along the coastline instead of being built entirely on water.
The Xianshui Song is a very old traditional folk song formed by Dan fishermen in Sanya. The Xianshui folk song involves fishing activities and customs, which are valuable to tourism.