Yalong Bay Tropical Forest Park
According to statistics released by the Sanya Tourism Development Commission, seven major scenic spots received a total of 100,400 visitors during the three-day holiday from September 3 to 5.
Among them, the Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone received 23,000 visitors, Dongtian Park received 4,900 visitors, Tianyahaijiao Scenic Spot received 20,300 visitors, Wuzhizhou Island received 15,100 visitors, West Island received 4,400 visitors, Yalong Bay Tropical Forest Park received 15,100 visitors, and Sanya Romance Park received 17,300 visitors.
During the holiday, the average occupancy rate of hotels in the city stood at 60 percent. Among major scenic spots, Yalong Bay hotels’ occupancy rate was 73 percent, Haitang Bay’s was 77 percent, Sanya Bay’s was 58 percent, Dadonghai’s was 66 percent, and the Sanya urban area’s was 50 percent.
Meanwhile, the Haitang Bay Duty-free Shopping Center received 37,000 visitors with total sales at 32.91 million yuan.
From September 2 to 4, 37,000 passengers departed from the Sanya Railway Station and 28,300 passengers arrived at the station.