On August 27, a delegation led by Mr. Hwang Soon-taik, the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Guangzhou, paid a visit to Sanya in a bid to boost bilateral cooperation.
Sanya Vice Mayor Wu Peng met with the delegation at the Luhuitou State Guesthouse and Resort. Mr. Wu extended a warm welcome and expressed his gratitude for the visit.
He said that Sanya is a characteristic tropical tourist city. In recent years, Sanya and Seoul have witnessed frequent cooperation and exchanges. On April 30 this year, Korean Air re-launched the Sanya-Seoul route with two weekly flights. Reopening of the route aims for further interactions between the two cities, with the purpose of attracting more international tourists to Sanya.
Vice Mayor Wu added that “Sanya is a tourism-oriented city with real estate as its pillar industry. However, there is insufficient diversification of the city’s industrial structure. South Korea is just the opposite: the industrial structure is more advanced and unique, especially in the industries of science and technology, high-tech, medical treatment and health care. Sanya welcomes more South Korea-based enterprises to settle in the tropical city.”
It was the first time for Hwang Soon-taik to visit Sanya. He was impressed by the marine climate and landscapes, and said that Sanya is one of South Koreans’ favorite tourism destinations. About 10,000 South Korean tourists travel to Sanya annually, and the number is still on the rise.
Mr. Hwang also said that South Korea will undertake efforts to promote business exchange and cooperation between his country and Sanya.