Recently, a local resident has complained that the vulnerable coral reefs in Dadonghai Beach are being destructed to fuel the illegal trade in Sanya.
Dadonghai, which is widely known as the Coral Reef National Natural Reserve, is a state-level natural reserve to protect the regional eco-system of coral reefs as well as marine biodiversity.
According to the witness, these coral reefs are under national protection, the illegal hunter had dug them out after the low tide comes in the evening.

Many citizens pointed out that the condition of the coral reefs in the shallow regions of water have been destroyed and exploited driven by the profits.
The public is calling for a stricter regulation of legal punishment on any conduct that has led to the damage of coral reefs. Besides, people engaged in diving activities would be required to strictly comply with operation instructions.
Currently, relevant departments have set up investigation on the matter to attempt to stop the destruction of the reefs.
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