On June 13, Sanya launched a week-long educational program, the 25th of its kind, to raise awareness of energy conservation.

The program involves a series of activities to spread energy-saving knowledge and make the public more conscious of energy use.

As a popular domestic destination, Sanya has long been an attractive spot for tourists, due to its pristine tropical scenery. Scenic spots in Hainan have carried out feasible measures to actively develop eco-tourism and a green tourism environment in the area.

Transportation in the city has also undergone a review to make transportation more environmentally friendly, with the construction of “green roads,” including thousands of kilometers of bicycle lanes.

Additionally, the government has encouraged the use of green environmental building materials. Several major infrastructure projects have been the focus of the government’s green low-carbon development scheme, mainly through the implementation of solar and wind energy technologies.

Sanya has a reputation of being one of the cleanest cities in China, with excellent air and water quality.