The Meteorological authorities in Sanya have turned to artificial rain enhancement to combat severe drought brought by persistent hot weather and an acute rainfall shortage.Technicians from the Sanya Weather Bureau fired 32 rocket shells over the city’s skies from June 13th to June 15th.
The reaction that occurred brought 27.3 millimeters of rain, helping to alleviate drought, add soil moisture.

Besides, Sanya meteorological authorities are gearing up to induce more artificial rain as light to moderate rain is forecast to hit the parts of Hainan this week.

The artificial rain will be mainly produced over large reservoirs in the city to increase reservoir storage capacities.

According to the weather authorities, the average rainfall of Sanya between January 1st and June 15th was 84.4% down from the average volume in the same period of past years.

Since mid-May, the continuous high temperatures have caused severe power and water shortages across the city.


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