Hainan is planning to spend 15 million yuan on the restoration and protection work mangrove forest this year.


Sanya’s mangrove forests have declined sharply over the last 10 years, mainly due to excessive land reclamation for development and ever-increasing domestic sewage.


The city opened three preserves of wetland mangroves at the municipal level, covering 10,926 hectares of mangrove.


To better protect the mangrove forest, the Sanya government carried out a mangrove restoration program to ensure that the erosion-mitigating mangroves can flourish.


During the period, the government will take measures to maintain the biodiversity of mangrove forests off coast by restoring and expanding mangrove forests in Sanya River and Tielu Port in Yalong Bay.


The government will close some beaches for tree planting, in addition to the artificial afforestation so as to rebuild a "green barrier" along the coastal line.


Many mangrove protection signs will be set up in major mangrove reserve areas to increase the public’s awareness and concern for these precious resources on the Hainan Island.


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