Recently, the 2015 ranking of China’s city housing prices was released. Sanya’s housing prices ranked 4th highest among China’s top ten major domestic cities.
The survey collected data on the average housing prices in major Chinese cities in May.
With incessantly high housing prices, Beijing topped the list with an average price of 32,131 yuan/sqm, followed by Shanghai, Shenzhen, Sanya, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Fuzhou, Wenzhou and Nanjing.
Housing prices in Sanya averaged 25,046 yuan/sqm.
The following 10 cities posted the highest average housing prices in China in May 2015
1. Beijing (32,131 yuan/sqm)
2. Shanghai (31,670 yuan/sqm)
3. Shenzhen (30,615 yuan/sqm)
4. Sanya (25,046 yuan/sqm)
5. Xiamen (18,747 yuan/sqm)
6. Guangzhou (18,484 yuan/sqm)
7. Hangzhou (18,208 yuan/sqm)
8. Fuzhou (15,569 yuan/sqm)
9. Wenzhou (14,870 yuan/sqm)
10. Nanjing (13,877 yuan/sqm) 
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