The Qingming Festival holiday runs from 4th April to 6th April this year. With its great air quality and warm climate, Sanya is still among the most popular destinations for the upcoming holiday, according to reports.

Sanya is expected to see a boom in self-driven tours during the holiday. People who want to return home to sweep the tombs of their deceased relatives have shown great enthusiasm in flower tours. According to reports, reservations at several flower-themed scenic spots in Sanya have boomed for this Qingming Festival.

"Tourists prefer domestic and short-distance travel during the festival. Sanya, Xiamen and Guilin are among the most sought-after destinations in China. Due to favorable traveling prices, those cities have seen a growing number of tourists in recent years. In addition, they all boast a pleasant climate that is suitable for travel,” a travel agency representative said.

As the Qingming Festival falls in April, when flower tourism is in full swing, it is a great time to appreciate a number of blooming flowers. As for good places in Sanya to appreciate the delightful flowers, you can refer to Sanya’s top 3 places to appreciate flowers.