Sanya is planning to build 8 marine ranches to realize the sustainable development of the local fishing industry.
The 8 marine ranches will be located at Wuzhizhou Island, Dadonghai, Yazhou Bay, Hongtang Bay, and the West and East Islets.

So far, Wuzhizhou Island and Hongtang Bay are the first two demonstration sites among the eight, where 800,000 cubic meters of artificial reefs have been developed.

Wuzhizhou Island is the first provincial fishing reserve pilot site. In 2013, the government invested 8 million yuan in the construction of 4 ship-shaped fishing reefs which were put in the seawater areas off Wuzhizhou Island at the end of 2013.

The completion of this regional marine ranch will help recover a number of main economic varieties, which will in turn benefit local fishermen. In addition the industry has also given a boost to the development of associated industries, such as aquatic breeds, aquatic products processing and leisure fishery, etc.