The plan for the division of Sanya’s marine functional zones (between 2013-2020) has been officially approved by the Sanya Government in order to effectively protect the ecology and environment of Sanya’s sea areas.

The ‘marine functional division’ refers to the idea that marine development and utilization should be rationally distributed and arranged according to specific conditions of marine resources, marine environment and the social demand in certain periods.

Under the plan, the marine development in Sanya will be divided into 6 functional zones: mariculture zone, marine shipping zone, leisure tourism zone, marine protection zone, special use zone and special reserve zone. This is to ensure reasonable control of marine exploitation and to guarantee fishermen's livelihoods and the development of modernized fishery.

The government will improve its supervision and will maintain and improve the ecological environment of marine resources in the area, and any human activities that damage the ocean environment will be strictly prohibited.