The Haikou Free Trade Zone Imported Commodity Center is expected to open ahead of 2016 Chinese New Year, according to the report by the local government authority.
Located at the Block A2 of Haikou Fuxing Commercial Area, the center occupies a land area of nearly 6,000 square meters.
The center has three floors. Thousands of bottles of wine from countries including France, Italy, Spain, Germany, the United States and Australia as well as the cross-border electricity supplier comprehensive experimental zone can be found in the first floor and the items such as living necessaries, household appliances, jewelry, diamonds, luxury watches and cosmetics will be sold at the second and third floors.
The center will provide citizens with barrier-free and direct selling service in Haikou. Due to the cut on the freight cost and easier circulation and so on, the price of the commodities will be much lower. In addition, online services of the center will also be provided with convenience.


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