According to Sanya Traffic Police Department, some temporary traffic control measures will be implemented at the 6 road sections across the city during the 7-day-long Spring Festival holiday.  
The 6 road sections will have new restrictions applied, as follows:
1. The road section between Linchunhe Road and Shangpinjie Avenue Intersection is open only to westbound traffic.
2. The road section between Honggang Market in Shengli Road and Yingbin Road is open only to westbound traffic.
3. Xinjian Street is open only to eastbound traffic.
4. Yuejin Road is open only to westbound traffic.
5. The road section between Haiyue Square and Phoenix Island is open only to southbound traffic.
6. The road section between Shanpinjie 1st Lane Intersection and Xinfeng Street is open only westbound traffic.
During the rush hours, the National Highway 223 section between Yacheng and Hongtang Bay area and West Line Highway (Tianyahaijiao-National Highway G225-Tianya Township-Provincial Line 314-Highway G98-National Highway G225) will also be subject to traffic controls.
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