The beautiful tropical scenery and all-year-round warm climate have lured tens of thousands of domestic tourists to Sanya, but they have left locals and the public at scenic spots complaining about their uncivilized behavior.

Public concerns are being raised recently over the severe lawn damage in Egret Park caused by the flocks of visitors during the winter season. 

With the rising number of tourists during the winter season, Egret Park has become a popular site for many tourists, as well as residents, to stay and enjoy their holiday. 

However, visitors have often shown little respect for such a beautiful place as Egret Park with their improper practices, causing the lawn and park to be damaged and abused. 

“We have tried to persuade them not to drive their electric bikes onto the grass but it seems to be useless. We have to repair and restore them and then return them for public use”, said a staff of Sanya landscape administration department.