Taxis at the Summer Mall in the Dadonghai Area are regularly refusing passengers whose destinations are nearby, a recent undercover operation launched by the local transportation department revealed.
On December 1st, a dozen vacant taxis were parked around Summer Mall while many of the drivers walked around soliciting clients. When the plainclothes official approached and requested a short trip, the taxi driver pointed at his "Not for Hire" sign and drove away.
The drivers are often asking passengers’ destinations, and if it is nearby or even in the downtown area, many of the drivers will refuse, according to reports.
Meanwhile, many civilian passengers have complained that taxi drivers are refusing to take them on the short distance journeys.
According to the relevant regulations, taxi drivers in Sanya will have 10 points deducted from their credit assessment for each rule violation, including refusing to pick up passengers. The taxi driver will also be added to the blacklist system and will not be allowed to work in the taxi business within 5 years if 20 points are deducted.
For any complaints about taxi drivers, the Sanya transport chiefs are calling for passengers to use their mobile devices to obtain evidence of malpractice by the taxi drivers. Contact 0898-88667803.

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