Following the tourism promotion campaign at the 2014 Taipei International Travel Fair, the Sanya delegation headed to Kaohsiung to continue its tourism promotion tour with an aim of attracting more tourists to the city.

During the tourism promotion conference, the Sanya delegation delivered a brief introduction to Sanya’s abundant tourism resources. They highlighted the golf, wedding, and honeymoon products, as well as hospitality industry facilities to leaders from the Kaohsiung Travel Industry Association and Kaohsiung Association of Travel Agents.

An official from the Kaohsiung tourism department said at the conference that Sanya was a very popular tourism destination for many Kaohsiung tourists and that they were all hoping that direct flights from Kaohsiung to Sanya could be launched as soon as possible.

During their visit to Kaohsiung, the Sanya delegation is discussing tourism management and travel marketing with local authorities and experts. They are also outlining a variety of preferential Sanya tour packages for Kaohsiung tourists.