The approaching Dragon Boat Festival has seen Zongzi (a glutinous rice dumpling) in Sanya enter its peak sales period. Hainan-style Zongzi from Danzhou, Ding’an and Wanning have been very popular in local supermarkets.

Customers have been lining up to get their hands on the traditional holiday snack, as every year the Dragon Boat Festival marks the time for making and eating Zongzi.

Many local supermarkets have even set up a Zongzi Shoppe that offers a wide variety of Zongzi. “This year we don’t have any luxurious packages”, said one staff member in the supermarket. “Cheaper boxed Zongzi have been selling much better than expensive ones”.

Residents who opt to buy Zongzi should choose qualified ones that are made by well known brands and avoid Zongzi with bamboo leaves that are too green in color.


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