To make commuting more efficient and more financially sustainable for communities and the traveling public, Sanya’s Transportation Bureau has introduced an intelligent transport system which is set to go into service at the end of 2014.

Experts said the intelligent use of the transport system would make it more efficient and optimize traffic flows by using electronic systems to monitor citywide traffic and provide real-time commuter information.

In Sanya, 752 buses and 1,856 taxis are expected to be equipped with GPS and telematics systems this year allowing commuters to be able to know when to expect the next bus on a route via Sanya’s intelligent transport system app with their smartphones.

Under the new systems, the monitoring department can interact closely with commuters to better understand and meet their needs as well as better regulate the situation if drivers fail to obey the traffic rules or change to another route without paying.

As Sanya’s transport system is facing many challenges, the strengthened transport system is needed to modernize today’s infrastructure and optimize its existing capacity

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