The Big Sanya Tourism Circle Travel Agents Alliance was officially established on May 15th. It was created by 10 travel agents in Sanya and aims to integrate the island’s tourism resources and put a greater focus on credit management to provide a smooth path for the travel sector's development.

The 10 travel agents, including Spring International Travel Service Co., Ltd (Sanya branch), signed a declaration of cooperation on Thursday in Sanya.

The members of the Sanya Travel Agency Association are encouraged to join in the Alliance to foster a travel marketing network that links dining, lodging, transportation, shopping, and entertainment services in Sanya and its neighboring cities.

To regulate the tourist market and provide high-end quality services, the Sanya government launched a recognition system of trustful business operators in 2012.

In addition, the local government also set up a one-day tour alliance to regulate the one-day tourism market of the city last September.