In order to improve the effective use of the local parking infrastructure, the Sanya government will introduce parking charges at a total of 178 parking sites at Sanya Railway Station from January 29th 2014.

Parking charges for small vehicles (less than 12 seats, or 1 ton) will be 3 yuan per hour (with 20 yuan maximum fee), a medium vehicle (13-24 seats or 1-5 tons) will be charged 4 yuan per hour (30 yuan maximum), and parking for less than 10 minutes will remain free, but over ten minutes will be charged the one hour price.

As of now, the parking charge management systems have been installed at the entrance and exit of the parking lot at the railway station. The parking lot will be under 24-hour management after the implementation of the parking charges.

After the Chinese New Year, work on the 2nd phase of the parking lot project at the railway station will begin and the total number of parking spots is expected to reach 298.