For the upcoming 2014 Spring Festival Golden Week, the popular coastal tourist city of Sanya set up 9 special management teams to launch a comprehensive tourism environment improvement plan involving tourism services, traffic and the urban environment.

The 9 special teams will conduct strict supervision and inspections of the tourism stakeholders’ practices and the operations of both large and private tourism enterprises, including seafood stalls, restaurants, jewelry stores, fruit shops, specialty shops, scenic spots, enterprises offering sea water sports, hotels, travel agencies and taxis, in a bid to better regulate the city’s tourism market.

In order to improve the city's traffic environment, illegal road signs, illegal commercial advertisements, illegal parking vehicles and irregular roadside stalls along the city’s main roads will be cleaned up completely.

In addition, the special teams are setting out to dismantle the temporary illegal buildings on the beach of Sanya Bay, mainly including restaurants, bars and barbecue stalls, which are without any licenses and illegally built on some commonwealth buildings.