According to the Sanya Bus and Rail Station, Sanya is to see the 2014 Spring Festival passenger flow peak from January 27th to 29th, 2014.

Zhou Xuejiang, a director of the Sanya Bus Station, said that the bus station will put into use an addition of more than 120 emergency buses to fulfill the increasing transportation demands during the upcoming Spring Festival holiday. In order to facilitate the public’s ability to retrieve their tickets, more ticket windows will be added starting 20th January.

Bus tickets with a destination outside Hainan Island can be booked five days in advance, and tickets to the counties and cities of Hainan are available for booking 7 days in advance.

About 680,000 passengers are estimated to use the East Ring Railway transportation during the 40-day 2014 Spring Festival travel rush in Hainan province (the period from Jan 27th to Feb 24th), according to the Sanya Rail Station.

In order to meet the demands of tourists, the Hainan East Ring High-speed Rail has recruited 90 volunteers to guide passengers on to the train, and will add 3 pairs of extra high-speed trains during the Spring Festival travel rush.

The 3 high-speed trains from Sanya station to Haikou East station including trains D7352、D7354 and D7356, as well as 3 trains from Haikou East station to Sanya station including D7351、D7353 and D7355 will be added from January 16th to 27th.