In order to ensure a smooth Spring Festival holiday for tourists, Sanya’s government will intensify its efforts to regulate the tourist market and strictly crack down on illegal price behavior on tourism shopping sites, including overcharging and customer-cheating.

All shopping sites in the city are required to adopt a reasonable pricing method, conduct fair and honest dealing, and clearly mark the prices of commodities, in accordance with the city’s price control regulations.

The contents and the ways of pricing must be supervised and inspected by the Sanya municipal price control department, and the price tags are not allowed to be printed and sold without prior authorization.

According to Chen Jinbo, the deputy director of the Sanya municipal price bureau, the operators of tourism shopping sites will face a fine of less than 500,000 yuan for price cheating and other illegal price behaviors, while the operators who do not clearly mark the prices of the commodities in accordance with regulations will receive a fine of less than 5,000 yuan. Those who refuse to correct or cease their illegal price behaviors will be made public.