In order to regulate the diving tourism market and ensure the safety of tourists during the 2014 Spring Festival, the Sanya government launched a thorough safety inspection on more than 20 diving sites across the city from December 18th 2013 and will continue inspecting until January 26th, 2014.

Diving is the most popular water sport in Sanya as the tropical coastal city enjoys over 10 meters of water visibility, befitting diving sports in all seasons for its favorable tropical weather conditions which attracts large numbers of tourists from home and abroad flocking to Sanya.

On January 2nd 2014, the law enforcement team carried out a series of unannounced security checks on the Yalong Bay Undersea World and the Sanya Diving Technology Training Center. The two diving enterprises passed inspection.

The safety inspections focus on professional diving certificates, operating permits, and emergency rescue services. Diving practitioners who are found taking tourists to illegal diving areas will have their permits suspended and be punished in accordance with the law.