Seafood saleswomen are seen standing on the street to solicit customers around No.1 Market.
In order to ensure traffic safety and regulate the seafood market, several Sanya government departments will jointly launch a strict crackdown on the illegal seafood touts around No.1 Market.

The local departments said they have received complaints from tourists that they were being pestered by aggressive touts, sales women standing on the street to solicit customers for seafood dinner, which causes bad traffic jams and increases the risks of traffic accidents.

According to a related principal of Sanya Hexi District Administrative Committee, at the end of last year Sanya authorities set out to crack down on the irregular phenomenon and admonished many seafood stalls and seafood saleswomen on the street for their illegal behavior. However, this has not been effective.

He also explained that the Sanya Hexi District Administrative Committee is now studying the detailed regulation programs with several Sanya government departments including Sanya Industrial and Commercial Sector and Sanya Public Security Department.


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