The Sanya Tengqiao ancient tomb group has been listed as a key national heritage conservation unit  in 2006.
On the afternoon of November 8th, experts from the state and provincial bureau of cultural relics attended the meeting in Sanya on a plan for the protection of Sanya’s Tengqiao ancient tomb group.

The Tengqiao ancient tomb group, boasting 24 ancient tombs, was situated in Haitang Bay Town, covering an area of around 13,334 square meters.

It is an Islamic tomb group in the Tang and Song dynasties and an important part of the Maritime Silk Route, which are valuable materials for the study of Chinese and international traffic, religious archeology, and academic research.

According to the protection plan (2013-2020), the Tengqiao ancient tomb group is going to be built into an Islamic culture scenic area with a dense historical, cultural atmosphere, pleasant environment, and excellent service facilities, based on the Islamic burial culture.

Sanya Tengqiao Islamic tomb group was listed as a municipal cultural relic protection unit in January 1990, and provincial cultural relic protection unit in 1994, as well as the state cultural relic protection unit in 2006.


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