Resonding to a mainland female blogger’s claim that her policeman boyfriend gambled away RMB1m in a Macau casino, the Chinese Public Security Bureau has concluded that the allegation was made out of malice. After querying the officer the Public Security Bureau established that the young woman tried to restore the romantic relationship with the policeman by spreading rumors against him.
According to the Hainan province’s Sanya City Public Security Bureau, the officer’s workplace, their investigation found no immigration clearance records to indicate that the young man had recently been to Macau. According to mainland media, the policeman, Yang Jie, told the authority that he had never actually been to Macau.
The controversy gained exposure in the media through the female model, blogging under the name of “Lin Ruier”. She posted allegations and photos related to her “unfaithful” boyfriend, who she said is a Sanya police officer “sleeping around”. She also claimed the police officer owned “luxurious” watches and jewelry worth hundreds of thousands of dollars (RMB). She added that the junior officer recently gambled away RMB1m in Macau casinos.
The news comes at a sensitive time as the central government reinforces its efforts against virulent corruption and immorality among public servants. These efforts include attempts to prevent mainland officials and businessmen from using Macau casinos as money-laundering machines.
After learning of the allegation the mainland Public Security Bureau was quick to investigate. Yang was immediately cleared of the allegation because the immigration department did not have any records indicating that he ever applied for a travel permit to the MSAR.
As for the “luxurious” bracelet, alleged to be worth over RMB100,000, Yang said it was actually a common accessory, carrying the trademark of an international brand name. He added that the bracelet only costs RMB550. However, he says his watch is of a genuine brand that was a present from his grandfather. As for the allegation that the officer has been “sleeping around”, investigators said it was another false accusation made up by the female blogger in an attempt to “force him to return to the negotiation table”.
It was reported that the young woman was trying to get “separation compensation” from the officer. Although the Sanya police department found no illegal activities by the officer they decided to give him an “administrative warning” for being involved in the controversy that negatively impacted the image of the police force. SC


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