A tableware disinfection company was recently found to be passing off unclean tableware as sanitized for its local restaurant and hotel clients in Sanya.

After finding stains on dishes, the employees of the company told reporters that washing procedures met all relevant hygiene standards as they use sanitation machines and sterilize all dishes using high temperatures.

However, they also admitted some problems still exist in their tableware-cleaning. During the holiday period, the company hired short-term workers who were not sufficiently well-trained and failed to clean the tableware well.

The employees added that hotels and restaurants need to use or re-wash tableware in a timely fashion if stored for more than 7 days, crockery becomes unfit for use due to mildew and other factors.

According to the local hygiene department, every quarter they will conduct checks on samples of disinfection companies’ supposedly sanitized tableware, and tourists can also call 12315 if they are not satisfied with the cleanliness of the tableware when dining at local restaurants.

At present, only 5 local tableware disinfection companies, namely Kangmeijie, Deyi, Le’erkang, Xinluan and Minkang are qualified with business licenses in the city


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